How to Buy your First Bong: Factors to Consider

26 Oct

The task of choosing the right bong shall affect how well you go about smoking. Anyone new to using bongs shall find this a challenge. The same can be said of those how are used to rolling their smokes. When you visit an online store, you shall see plenty of different bongs to choose from. Their differences make for different smoking experiences. For you to pick the right one for our needs, you need to look at certain things.

You should not worry too much about the size. Having a bigger bong does not make for a better smoking experience. The bigger bongs like shall have more space for extra filtration and cooling. Their hit shall be bigger, which is something a new user shall not find particularly comfortable. A smaller bong is thus ideal. They are also better at preserving the flavors of your smoke. They shall be better for transporting and moving about with. You shall also make some savings buying the smaller sized ones. In case you drop it, you shall still incur less of a cost.

The drawback that bongs share is their tendency to shatter and break if dropped from too high a level. In case you know yourself to be clumsy, you need to invest in a silicone bong. These are guaranteed not to shatter or break, due to the durable material. They are also more discreet when it comes to packing.

You need to also look at the number of percolators the bong has. Generally, the more the percolator c chambers, the more the filtration of the smoke will occur. This, however, presents the challenge of you needing to grad it more forcefully. For a person new to smoking this way, that extra force will not be something they are comfortable with yet. They, therefore, need to buy one with a number they can handle. Read more, visit

You then need to know how you shall be caring for your bong. As you keep using s bong, it shall start to pack some resin and tar in its chambers. This shall affect its taste, cleanliness, and appearance. Larger bongs with multiple percolators will prove harder to clean than simpler units. You should thus make your decision accordingly. You may also add in an ash catcher to serve as extra filtration and to keep the bong clean. This, however, is an addition to the drag. You also need to make sure those you share the bong with do not use old dirty water. Each time you use the bong, you need to replace the water.

You now know what to consider when you visit a reputable Smokerolla online store to buy your first bong.

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